My Amazon Favorites

I tend to purchase a lot of my threads, gear and random comforts from Amazon or thrift stores. I am always happy to share my thoughts and opinions from my purchases. 

I purchased these high waisted jeans from amazon and fell in love instantly. These jeans helped boost my confidence a little. I was happy with the way these jeans cinched my waistline and curved my booty. I highly recommend for the hour glass curve shaped body types. 

The faux leather jacket i'm wearing here was actually purchased in a thirift store, So I linked a smiliar item

These brown bootie boots were just the right vibe for me. I really liked how the fit with the torn high waisted jeans and brown leather jacket. I prefer to be on a heel to give me a slimmer look. It really compliments my curves. 

I've always been a canon camera user and over the years I have upgraded my gear through the various models. The mirrorless canon  R6 is among my favorite models and is now my main gear. Along with these RF lenses.