Jasmine's Boudoir photoshoot

I Have A Confession…

Dec 1, 2020

Jasmine's Boudoir

I have a confession… 

I am a New York wedding and boudoir photographer. Until now, I have never actually had my own photos taken in a professional photoshoot that I didn’t set up on a timer myself. I decided I should experience what it feels like to be in front of the lens instead of behind it. As nerve-wracking as this experience was, it was also invigorating and full of freedom I had never felt.

I connected with Ryan Miller (@millertyme_design) in Michigan and booked my very own photoshoot. Through the laughter, the smiles,

the discomfort and vulnerability of showing my authentic self, I was able to realize that some of the positions we ask our clients to put themselves into are harder than I thought; both physically and mentally. Working with a photographer who not only understands how to take photos as well as make you comfortable, is extremely important in our industry. And I would say MillerTyme Design knows exactly how to get their clients to relax and settle down.

My photoshoot allowed me to feel empowered and embrace my true self. I couldn’t believe how happy my soul felt by stepping out of my own body-image comfort zone to give myself a whole new self-body perspective. Once I had the chance to look at the photographs Ryan took, I couldn’t believe that woman was me. She was radiating with energy, confidence, and pure happiness.

I can not wait to set up another photoshoot! 

If you’re looking to experience that same freedom I would love to work with you and unlock that empowerment and freedom within you at Ishot Studios.


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