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Falling in love with you….

Dec 29, 2019

Fall in love, and live happily ever after…. Right?!

So they say say…. staying in love is a challenge. That I truly believe people run away from these days. Love and relationships are hard and require a certain amount of effort to maintain. I’ve concluded that our society is lazy! Lazy people do not want to put forth any amount of effort to do most anything let alone stay in love or put forth the work it requires to have a healthy relationship.

Supportive relationships last
Supportive relationships prevail

A story teller for lovers can reveal a treasure trove of information….

While being a wedding photographer and a phycology major, I’ve grown to understand and absorb the messages people send with their bodies, attitudes and even their words. As a result of their outward behavior, I can see, it’s easy to spot the lovers to the lazinites. YES, for that reason I call them LAZI-NITES.

Another thing, I mean seriously who doesn’t want to be in love? Who doesn’t want to experience the heightened emotions from feeling complete from your lover or experience? I know that I do.

Love, trust and communication seem to be the variables that bring a most relationships to its knees or the brink of extinction. Disciplines that must be mastered through trial and error. In my opinion, love languages are important to understand because they define our needs and help our lovers understand what we want out of the relationship.

In conclusion, define your relationship with the showcased effort you put in and the work it deserves….make your partner feel like they are enough!

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