Epiphanies should be like popping skittles…

Sep 3, 2018

Popping skittles has never been easier…..

ok ok… so you know how to taste taste the rainbow. Popping those fruity flavors one at a time gets your creative juices flowing…right? What about the sweet and sour taste of absolutism? You ever just find yourself sitting there…..All the sudden you get it, it clicks, the light bulb goes off, the bell rings…. sort of thing! Well that my friends is an #EPIPHANY. It’s kind of like the sudden burst of flavor you get when you bite into those candy coated droplets of sugar. You don’t quite know what to expect until it explodes in your mouth. The epiphanies are kind of like that; an explosion of rationalism.

boudoir, studio, photographer

One of my favorite places to be.

Living a life you love takes practice and discipline…

So it’s said that some of us are already living a life we love. Most of you are so awesome and often humor me about answering all my mundane questions on my instagram story. BUT some of you said “NO”, that you are not living a life that you love and all I can think is, “why not”…. isn’t it that easy? and it’s not easy… sometimes I forget just how difficult it was for me to finally make the choice to choose me over someone else. How heart wrenching it appeared to choose a life I felt was worth living and fighting for. Now that I am here and proving to myself how worth while the journey has been I cannot fathom any other way of life and wonder why it took me so long to figure it out in the first place.

So if I had to break it down to perspective, I would say that the choices in my life are kind of like the skittles. Popping each choice into my brain, biting down, squinting my eyes and hoping for the best. When suddenly the light bulb turns on and I realize it’s not as scary as I thought. The “AH-HA” moment! Get your ass down that spiral and plunge into the abyss of the unknown and the unknown will become your sanctuary.

spiral stair case

Spiral Stair Cases can lead to wonderful places

Monday’s keep me grounded and I’ll tell you why… 

Monday Mantra’s have kind of been my thing lately. A burst of inspirational motivation for the creative and productive entrepreneurial work week. A set of rules that guide me throughout the hectic coming and goings of everyday life. So if your that thrill seeking junkie who craves the adrenaline rush, than I suggest you start defining a whole new set of rules for yourself. Re-invent, discover and apply. You have nothing to loose but wasted time.


Happy Monday and may the force of a positive work week be with you….



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