Now we’re pregnant….

Jun 7, 2018

When that positive pregnancy test first gives you the big news… 

Now that we are pregnant, whats the next step? Your numb, excited, scared, over joyed, worried and all kinds of emotions are running through you. A storybook wedding brings another milestone in their bank of memories and here we are, having a baby. Being pregnant with this growing life inside she looks to him more and more for reassurance and protection. She holds a part of him and now he holds apart of her. Nothing could be more hallmarked in life than having your first child. Congratulations to Jeff and Taryn Chambrovich. Having been asked to photograph their hallmark moment, I am honored to be apart of this love story even still!

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Could be pink could be blue all we know is that we are due!

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In the forrest with my boo…

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Hudson valley Photographer

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The Woman’s Photographer


Glam-ma has her own milestone to celebrate…

Speaking of milestones, I’ve seem to hit one of my own. On May 31st, 2018 at 3:09PM my first grandson was born. Feeling so proud of my daughter for handling her labor like a pro. She delivered this handsome man. When my darling daughter first told me she was pregnant I was worried. Like any mother always wanting more for their children before they make drastic adult decisions. Ya know, they crazy kind of choices that we made when we were young and fearless. Now she is making her own family and living the life she wants to have and I am grateful and supportive. Being a mother has it’s greatest joys and I have struggled as well as reaped the rewards.

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Grayson Colon

More milestones to come. More hallmark moments to blog about and more life to explore. Looking forward to the next few chapters in my life…

Jasmine xoxo


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