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Those CRAZY girls… what are we gonna do!

Jun 26, 2018

Girls just wanna have fu-un…

Cindi Lauper, girl punk rock singer in the 80’s killed it with her box of trix hair colors and her bold fashion statements. Truth… Im a huge advocate for expression. I love using the body to express emotion as much as I enjoy conveying the emotion of intimacy through skin and touch. It would also be fair to say that this is a huge expectation for me in both my professional and personal life. Naturally I love to photograph skin to skin, boudoir and nudes. Yes, I said nudes… This isn’t something I advertise in my specialities but it has been a popular request among the girls who come in for the boudoir experience. More and more I am finding the “Girl” mentality to be that of a pandora’s box for every woman I meet.

I also equally enjoy the rambling confessions of sinners after they’ve spent some time at the party punch table. Traditionally, us gals, you see… all sit around the table gossiping about our own lives. Always hitting on hottest topic: SEX!… As I look around the table I’m realizing that some of us are discussing our sexual deviant thoughts and experiences with each other. #HOLYCOW, girls really just wanna have fun. Sometimes I wonder if our topics of conversation areĀ  more brutal than what men talk about… is this true?

Of course you have a variety of opinions when you are in a group of women! I’m always intrigued to learn the differences in our selves and what really defines us as individuals. I’ve learned to sit back and observe.

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The Angry Orchard: Girls day out

Angry Orchard Excusion

The freedom to go crazy…

I do admire the fearless and respect the boundaries they throw themselves from. There is something to be said for those who can live a life out loud and in vivid color. These girls have no fear about what people think of them and foster a community of women who aren’t afraid to use their #voice. Trust me when I say there are some girls who are still living that vanilla kind of life style and do so by their own admission. The lives we lead and the choices we make to become who we are can never be stolen from us. You are your own brand of chaotic beauty. Own it, flaunt it and who gives a shit about who’s saying otherwise.

After shooting women for almost 5 years I have come to appreciate every kind of curve that walks through my door. Giving essence and validity to what I set out to do… and that is to help them discover her own kind of beautiful.

Keeping my vibes pulsating with creativity is not always an easy task…I have consistently find motivation and inspiration to keep things changing and evolving. Growth is hard but its purposeful. But I encourage you to do whatever it takes

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boudoir safari



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The freedom to express yourself.



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The essence of intimacy

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her own kind of beautiful.

Jasmine, xoxo

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