The Young’s premier…read for reviews!

May 14, 2018


Brie Jade and her fabulous Hair and Makeup


Hair and Makeup by Brie.

Young, full of life and ready to start the next chapter….

lazy Pond bed

The Lazy Pond


When your young and in love you battle through any obstacle, as tremendous as they might be. The brisk air and cold rain danced all around the elements as the clouds hovered over.  Marisol enters the room next to the gift shop and starts to unpack. Feeling nervous and a little stressed about the weather, she immediately gets to work.Local gems are hard to find but not impossible to dig up. The Hudson Valley has many romantic places to offer for beautiful photographs and timeless images for all your memorable events. The local Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast here in Liberty, New York is one of those places. The cozy feeling and country living atmosphere warms your heart even on a cold late day in April the bed and breakfast brought a crowd together.



bride, photos, story teller

Wedding preparations are under way..

candid, romantic

Candid’s from across the room



Still there is someone missing…

Waiting for one last guess to arrive, the bridal party remain hunkered down in room #1 of the Lazy Pond anxiously awaiting the last member of the grooms party.

Alas…his arrival put all the guests in their seats and commenced the ceremony at once. She smiles at me when I tell her, he is here… lets get ready!




wedding photographer

Here comes the bride…

wedding images

she’s coming…

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Forever young with you


wedding photographer

The rain falls just before the ceremony.

wedding, young ceremony

Now you may kiss the bride…


photo, liberty, hudson valley

Capturing Elliot and Marisol as they laugh and play.

wedding, photographer

Outdoor wedding session


The Hurleyville Arts Center

The center for the arts proved its magnificence and size. Offering a spacious and beautifully decorated hall. The long draped curtains and enormous windows that allowed for some stunning light inside the venue. I’m looking forward to shooting there more often.


photographer, hurleyville center for the arts

The reviews on this love story were astonishing…

dance, center for the arts

Dance floor of the art center


wedding, photographer, photography

Keeping it real

wedding, center for the arts

Smile endlessly in this day…















Dj Jamie Zeno kept the party moving all night long…

dj, events center

DJ Zeno kept the party moving

Cut that cake

The scent of sweet cream filled the air

Let’s try this again…


By the end of the night…

hurleyville arts center

Candid shots



new york photographer

Hurleyville Arts Center in Lochsheldrake, New york.

I’d say that the reviews for this show was a huge THUMBS UP!

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