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3 clear signs that you need to change direction….

May 21, 2018

Ground hog day on repeat, is it a sign? …

“It’s a sign”, I would typically say. If there is a re-occurring theme, problem, person, situation or idea…etc etc. You seriously need to open up your mind and pay attention. Making this your first lesson in recognizing the signs of your future. Clear indicator sign #1.

SIGN #1:

re-occurring events, themes, people,

places or things requires some sort of change. 

Pay attention to it!

The four-way cross roads have jumped out into my path, yet again. The monster of decision is directly in my way and Im struggling for a lead in either direction. Has that ever happened to you?  Because I feel like this happens to me often. Forced to be a “glow with the flow” kind of decision maker. Yes, I meant glow… because in times of stress and chaos, when the universe is forcing the wheel to turn a little faster you have to think a little quicker. Thinking a little quicker requires you to be smiling and representing your energy, because often we don’t feel that way when things need to suddenly change. If your not in the “fake to make it” mentality you will loose every time! No lies! In light of my recent experiences. I am suddenly being drawn to a different path. I’m not quiet sure what it means yet. However I am fully and sub-consciously aware that something needs to change. Adding to my life experiences and still determined to create the life I want. Creating change continues to be the predominate theme; again giving way to the re-occurring concept that #SOMETHING needs to change.

So who really gives a shit, right? 

Wrong, we should all be giving a shit about something so serious and so easy to apply. We should all be paying attention. Five years ago I wasn’t thinking that I could make a sustainable career out of shooting photography.  I did not believe it would ever be possible for me to plan my own day, work for my self and continue to push my creative outlets and generate more growth within my self than I ever thought possible.

As a way to get back to my roots again. I decided to challenge myself and attempt my own self portraits in my new studio… As you can see I need some practice… and of course, not after a long day, but this was a good starting point. This is something I should master! #Selfieportraits . Which brings me to sign number two. A good indicator that something in your life needs to change is when you have a few projects that you may have started and never finished them. Think about how many times you may have started a project or put something into motion and the first block or obstacle encountered, you kind of stall or bail. Unfinished business is counterproductive and adds your lack of ambition. Your un-finished tasks and projects will actually hinder your ability to start and finish new goals or accomplishments for the future. 

boudoir, studio, natural light, photo, liberty

The life of a boudoir photographer has it’s challenges.

SIGN #2: Finish your business

Think about how important it is for most of us to have closure on things.. Closure on relationships, resigning from a job or finalizing big investments… The emotion that stems from finishing up loose ends or old projects tends to weigh on our sub-conscious and we don’t even realize it. Re-aligning goals you once made or established will actually give you the push you are looking for.  I know it sounds counter productive BUT it actually works… It provides a sense of closure or accomplishment and naturally gives you the courage, confidence, motivation or effort to do more.

So if your desperate for something to change and you cannot put your finger on it.. Try finishing up some old projects and get those juices flowing! These two shots are images i captured a few years back. With the intention of creating something totally different. It’s been sitting in my virtual inbox for a rainy day project. This project is still waiting for me and I know that this part of my career is not going to propel it’s self if I don’t return to it and work on it!

photographer, hudson valley

Experimental shots for creating an image.

experiment, frame, photo, sign

Out of Frame


















You know you can be phony…but come on now!

I hate to break the news to some of you out there… But while none of us truly want to appear phony or fake. It’s my professional opinion that mastering the art of being fake is actually a necessary skill to possess. It’s a virtue as a matter of fact and I am proud to say that, YES I will “Fake it to make it” in some of my experiences. This is a cultivating concept when you are looking to build your confidence. Because faking it means you artificially believe in something! This tricks your brain your own reverse psychology lesson. You want to disrupt your usual behavior of thinking your not capable of anything. This is why good actor/actress become great! They master the art of “faking it to make it” They believe artificially that they are these monumental characters. Obviously separating the character from their true self but not an impossible task.  Which brings me to sign number three. If you are experiencing a perpetuated unhappiness in your life, your job, your marriage or your career. It’s a sign that something must change and finding the purpose of your mission is essential?  This is a good way to help you develop your own confidence…I believe its the best strategy for your own intervention because when you believe that you can, you will! Sometimes your just gonna have to jump into the water and get your ass wet!

SIGN #3:

Fake it make it! Build your confidence, no matter what it takes. 


Learn to jump right into the water.

So thats it in a nutshell. There are signs everywhere. The universe speaks to us all the time in all ways! Simplifying my crazy life has been a journey all on its own. These were just a few hallmark concepts that helped me recognize certain elements in my life that were vital to my own personal growth. I am grateful for all the opportunities and I will make it my mission in life to never get sick of saying that. Blow through the week with grace!

Jasmine,  xoxo

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