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It’s complicated… but so is everything else, right?

Apr 28, 2018

When I say it was complicated….it was a world of complication!

I am learning that complicated people tend to make a lot of messes along the way of their lives. Funny thing… I think most of us are complicated people and make messes along our own journeys. I admit to being among the many who once upon a time, chose to struggle. However, I do not struggle anymore with the things I cannot change.

This is where I want to walk among the few and don’t mind being a loner. I never really liked crowded places anyway. So it seems fitting that I would follow the direction in which few understand or follow.

Let me tell you a story…..In the beginning of an end I’ve noticed that I personally always seem to drown emotionally… and yet recover better than the last time. Allowing outside voices to torment me with my choices, for a long while I had been lost. Choices that were meant to save me and further up rooted and erupted an even darker place. Scary thought, but looking back. Not as scary as I had imagined.

A compass and map for the broken souls….

Complications bring about the best and worst of circumstances. As a certified dream chaser, I became passionate about finding meaning in my own life. Designing my own compass and map, one that guided me into the direction of a self-fulfilling lifestyle. There are steps to creating a life that you want and those steps require discipline and attention.

As a survivor of emotional abuse, another woman emerged in the depths of my own darkness. A woman I have never known before, but yet seemed so familiar. A WARRIOR! This women emerged and found a catalyst for strength, survival and purpose . You want to know my secret you say? There are steps you can implement into your own life to help you discover the transformation you need. Maybe that will be the next blog…. BUT FOR NOW.. BACK TO WARRIOR-ISM.

A warrior who is now advantageously chasing more than just the meaning of life. I am chasing the experience of each moment. Those moments I fill with my children, family and few friends. Unapologetically, un-complicating my life took effort and it meant that I had to make intentional decisions that had purpose.

Do any of you have a Bucket List? I’ve always known about the bucket list and hap-hazardly kept adding to it. Although going up in a hot air balloon was not one of those items on my list until I arrived in to the Adirondack Balloon Festival this past fall. Which by the way, before I go on, I had captured awesome video of the flight. You can find it on my Instagram, handle (ishotstudios).

A few years back I had heard about the festival and thought how spectacular it would be to see it. It would be an awesome sight to share….I can tell that you one of those first steps to a full-filled life style is.. stepping out of that comfort zone. Do something you wouldn’t normally do!


hot, air, balloon

Adirondack Balloon festival.


photographer, photography, bucket list

Hot air Balloon

beautiful, balloons

Balloons in the sky


I proudly assert that being a warrior has not been easy or glamourous. Fighting wars within my self AND the battles of others along the way have been eventful.

Growing more passionate about helping others find their voices. Learning how to teach others how to define and BE their OWN kind of beautiful.

Exploration is one of the keys to unlocking your many doors…

Having grown a slight obsession with keys lately. I am finding that the key is showing up in my life more and more. A symbol or a sign… the messages from the universe are different for us all… but yes, keys, maps, compass, places, exploring, taking risks, the journey and most importantly following whats in my heart.

key, search, open, unlock, photographer

Keys open locked doors

STEP #ONE is chase adventure.

Do something that scares you! Make the decision with intention and purpose!


Jasmine, xoxo



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