Now a Nolan kind of wedding…

Mar 25, 2018

A St. Patty’s Day romance blossomed into a fairy tale pot of gold!


Wedding at the Villa Venezia,  in Goshen NY.  Perfect day for a love story……

I think it’s pretty fair to say that I have been around many couples and have shot a number of weddings over the last several years. One of the things I find and adore the most is that each one of their love stories is different. Somehow it always touches me in a unique way.

Walnut Mountain, liberty, ny

Engagement sessions are a great way to get your save the dates out.


With Sean and Vanessa it was different. The uniqueness from the two of them some how completed the other and it was enough to melt anyones heart from the begining. As Sean pursued Vanessa, he knew in his heart she would be worth the effort and pressed on. Finally, after playing “hard to get” as he puts it, she gave in and opened up her heart.





wine glass

Walnut Mountain, Liberty NY


Hold my hand

                The Wine that made the moment…..










The morning ventured on with laughter, love and life… 

makeup artist

Hair by LH

Makeup Artist


Hair and Make up

The magic begins




wedding photographer

Lovers story of romance and lace

This Wedding is all Irish

JamesonWedding Rings

So when it came to this family, the Jameson Irish Whiskey  was in the house for these two today! Sean pours some of the whiskey into a little flask that he plans on saving for later…

jameson whiskey



He smiles with delight in the idea that the woman of his dreams is only a few rooms away!

groom ready












The first my eyes lay upon your beautiful soul….



bride and groom loverskiss mewedding photos

and for a moment she is lost in his eyes and bound by the intensity in his kiss…

He holds her close and forgets the cold air nipping around at their noses. Feeling her breath and the beat of her heart he inhales her love.




and into the weee.. hours of the night the party rocked on with live entertainment and more…

   Click the link below to find all the photos from the reception. 








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