What is the American Dream supposed to be like?

Aug 7, 2017

The American Dream is becoming so over rated…

I often hear people talking so much about living the American Dream…I’ve come to believe that the DREAM is different for each of one of us. Making it perfectly appropriate for the diversity we so need in this saturated culture of what others think you should have or want. I personally believe that the American Dream is overrated and underestimated. Perceiving what happiness is and how it defines our own needs in the ONE life we get to live! The reality of that dream is actually 100% up to YOU to create. There are a lot of people who miss that concept altogether and live the entitlement theory up as much as they can. It saddens me….

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Dream a little dream you say… I say, sure…

How can this be done you are asking? Living your dream? Right? It’s simple… Since you have no idea… I will tell you my secrets. But first, let me tell you how important it is to make the commitment of living your dreams. It would seem that Americans and living the dream have come to a cross road. One might look at the difficulty or impossibility of achieving the dream and automatically become discouraged. This happens a lot and what people don’t realize is… thats the very thing that IS SUPPOSED to happen. Keep in mind that if everything was suppose to be easy, EVERYONE would be doing it. Which makes living the dream that much more exciting or worth fighting for. The greater the challenge the bigger the reward.

Dream big because it’s the only thing you’ve got left…

Ok ok… I’ll tell you one of my secrets. I get that the anticipation is killing you now… One of my secret weapons for battling the adversity of dreaming big was writing. I started out with a journal. Writing down my thoughts and worries. Documenting my goals and intentionally making the commitment to achieve them. There is another word that you should take note of, intention! You need to INTEND to achieve the goal no matter what obstacles come your way. Commitment and now intention should be two words that flash across your radar like a HUGE neon sign in the middle of traffic that no one can avoid looking at it.

Journaling has propelled my ambitions into a progressive momentum that is comfortable for me. Giving me perspective and the ability to reflect back on the tasks and challenges that have presented along the way. Journaling has been a pivotal piece in my recipe for my own success. Which is why I feel the need to share this tidbit of information. Journaling has changed the direction of my life all together.

It has even given me a great insight to my personal relationships and how abusive in nature some of those connections really were. Becoming very personal to my heart. I have made it my other mission in life to bring awareness to abusive relationships.

Some women will go years and years in an abusive relationship and never realize what the abuse was or how damaging its been until they can see it with their soul. Journaling helped me realize this too. Giving me invaluable insight to the damage my partner had endured and projected into our relationship. Not all things can be saved and not all people are willing to change until you give them a reason too. Valuing my own worth became so much more than goal, it became a lifestyle. Therefore changing everything about the direction my life had been heading.

My journaling gave me the courage to realize my dreams…

and I know that it will help you find the courage to realize yours as well. Life can be hard and sometimes feel very sad, but it’s not always sad or hard. Its your job to make the most of the moments that are the opposite of that.

So…now that you have one my best kept secrets. Your first task on the agenda today is to buy a journal. Your portable VISION BOARD cannot wait any longer!

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