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Vision…get your eyes checked because your going to need it!

Jun 6, 2017

Three ways to change the direction of your life….

Get your vision checked. Make an appointment with your optometrist? Get an eye exam or you can just read this blog so I can tell you exactly what I am talking about. Vision was not something readily understood in my 30’s. Although I did know what the word meant but didn’t quite get how “Vision” played a role in my life until several years later.

Marching to the beat of your own drum is a good asset to have on your journey because…..

Vision is defined as being slightly different for a lot of us. Which is ok because when I looked up google and asked it to define the word, I found three different explanations. That makes sense because vision couldn’t be defined as having one solid meaning or concept. Vision is a huge factor in the grand scheme of self discovery. It’s blueprints to a map that you yourself can design and build upon. Masking it a starting point that will help you manifest the end result. Keep in mind that your vision is allowed to evolve and nothing is ever set in stone unless you actually write it in stone and leave it in your yard as a lawn ornament….

I tell others all the time that journaling is incredibly important for my visions….

It has helped me to manifest my goals and create my success and I know it will help you too. So to prove it, I included a photo of a journal entry I made two years prior to my actual studio opening. I’m not an architect so don’t mind the lines and the scribbles.

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manifesting my dreams with a blue print

The purpose of this image was to show you that no matter how weird your blue prints look. It’s always a starting point to your journey. The map is allowed to be altered and changed along the way. That is the idea of growing and becoming authentic which are topics we talk in depth about in other posts. However, for the sake of keeping this post focused, vision is what we are hammering home on.

3 things you need for your nap sack on your journey is a…..

Your going to need a pen, paper and your ability to dream. No matter how challenging or different your dream may seem. Start to draw the map on how your going to get there. Create goals and put them in number order. Draw out your timeline and what needs to happen along the mile stones… The point of the exercise is getting it as completely imperfect as possible, because truly thats what it is… an imperfect plan with a mountain of opportunity to grow and manifest along the way…




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