Towels: throw that sucker in and trade it in for a new one…

Mar 15, 2017

Yes we all do it… throw the towel in and ask for directions when we absolutely do not even want to get out of the car, kind of thing!

Hence, “throwing in the towel” I get it…. Some days I don’t even want to get out of bed. I know I have mentioned this before but some of us gals call this “The end of the world phase”…. It’s a just a couple days of emotional turmoil and doubt, but it does go away. At times I realize that I just have to throw in the towel and give in to the weaknesses that I need to strengthen. One of my biggest #PROFESSIONAL weakness is not fully understanding and implementing the importance of SEO for my blog an website.

Enough is enough…

I had, had enough and finally decided to hire someone to teach me about SEO. For months now I have been having such a hard time focusing on the desire to learn how to master the SEO guessing game…. I am a visual learner and need to be able ask questions about the topic as I go along… Sometimes I feel creatively blocked when I am not able to interact with my teacher. So who did I call? and NO it wasn’t the SEO-Busters. I called Tim Sohn from Social Media solutions. Very friendly and accommodating. I wasn’t disappointed and I did learn some new things and immedialty went home to apply those changes to my sites. Waiting patiently for results that will start to sway in my favor.

I found Tim through a Tri-State chamber mixer that had been hosted at the Library in Port Jervis. Nice little activity as the chamber continues to grow it’s members. We are looking forward to being apart of the journey while the Casino’s anticipated March 2018 grand opening and the camaraderie from the various corners of the counties.

Throwing in the towel doesn’t always have to mean something negative. It doesn’t even have to imply that your giving up. Sometimes “giving in” is the best option. If i look back on the last couple years I would have to say that giving in never meant that I had to give up. it just meant that something needed to change. They’re going to need all the towels they can get at that point. The more entrepreneurs that are collectively involved in the forward movement towards growth will only further secure the future of the Catskills and the hudson valley region….

So for the future decision makers…

I would like to suggest that you go ahead and throw in the towel once in while. Give in to some of those weaknesses and gain the insight and access you need to hone those skills. First step is always the most important. #JUSTDOIT #MOTIVATOR #EDUCATOR #PHOTOGRAPHER #VISUALSTORYTELLER


throw in that towel and grab a new one. Possibly one with more threads.

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