Sharing the holiday spirit with the ones we love…..

Dec 24, 2016

The spirit of the holiday always puts me in the sharing mood….

Happy Holidays to all of you, no matter what you celebrate. Especially to those who have supported me on my journey. Each one of you has contributed to my success in some fashion. Good, bad or indifferent. I have learned that being open about your feelings and fears brings out a truth. With that being said I have made it my mission to give others the tools and tips needed to evolve. Striving each day to be a better version of my self.

For the last two years the holidays have been nothing short of an emotional regurgitation for me.

Feeling all sorts of emotions, doubts and my own self loathing. I am starting to believe that there is something in the idea of the holiday nostalgia that brings on guilt or sadness. It’s natural and it’s ok! Part of the journey has taught me to be patient. If you are feeling sad during this time. Here are some tips that helped me change the way I felt during some of those difficult hours.

  • buy a gift for someone even if they don’t deserve it (act of kindness)
  • wrote in my journal what I was feeling and why (act of self love)
  • spent quality time with family and close friends (act of gratitude)
  • did something fun (act of being a kid) I went snow tubing one time and another time I traveled to Miami for a short weekend.

The idea and purpose of doing these things helped me to restore my focus…..

Realign with my path and keep moving forward. I have mentioned in my previous video diaries that it’s ok to fall off your path. It’s going to happen and the sooner you accept that the bumps in the roads and learn to accept those obstacles as challenges, meant to impede on your smooth sailing. The art of mastering discipline is the key! If you can see the silver lining in all things. Everything you encounter will become nothing short of an opportunity to open a different door. It’s time to start investing in you! Happy Holiday and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of 2017…..



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