Shut up and get of your own way….

Aug 13, 2016

I have been feeling trapt, some where between that rock and the uncomfortable hard place…

Everyone is always talking about this rock and the hard place… well how the hell do you move it?  I know most of you can relate on some level. Some how you just know the whole world is ahead of you and yet you can’t seem to find your footing to move forward.

I can tell you this much,  it becomes pure motivation. The absolute desire to leap ahead. The WILL to thrust yourself onward…. I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean. This holds certain for me in my personal and my professional life… they say to outsource the things you hate to do. I finally decided to do just that! Letting go is the hardest part, but worth the humility.

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My journey to finding the woman I know I can be…

has been a lot of awkward space between myself and the woman I desire to be. I recently had the privilege of being in the same room with a number of amazing and inspiring women. I could feel the energy bursting all around me: confidence, success and great shoes! Yes, I am the women who will stare at you as your walking on by because I want to check out your shoes!

What was even more exciting is this. I always stop after I work photo job to have a drink. Unwind a little and people watch. As I am sitting there sipping on my cosmo (which is my favorite drink) a woman sits down next to me. We started chatting about our lives and learned a few things about each other. I felt connected and engaged as well as genuinely not alone in my thoughts. She had been at the event I was working and recognized me not only from the event we both just left from, but from facebook and other social media websites. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that other women are in fact inspired by the beauty you bring out for others and that they genuinely want to see you succeed. I’ve said before and I’ll say it a hundred times more. “Girls complete with each other, real women empower one another”. I am in awe of some of the women here in Sullivan County and I can honestly say that I am inspired to bring about as much change as they have!


It became important to me… more like my new mission in life.

Discovering my own self worth became the pivotal point of change for my life… and after spending almost a year with soaking in that defeat. I’ve come to realize that embracing acceptance is the key to finding true happiness. When it becomes about a life style change everything else around you blossoms. Your talents, your strengths and even your insecurities. You come to recognize the type of people you want to surround yourself with. The ones who remind you how to define your authenticity. If your never questioning your own authentic tendencies then you may never grow beyond your own nose. I’ve reached this space in my mind that I can do anything.. and I know that we all posses the ability to create with conviction. We all possess the ability to learn and grown and define our dream life. I want to share that with others. When I decided to chase my dream, I was letting no one get in my way. I found that to be the easy part. It was getting out of my OWN way that was harder and sometimes I still struggle with. The self doubt, the fear of being judged, fear of failure.This is why it is imperative to be surrounded by people who genuinely support your ambitions. Because no matter what, your going to fail. Hopefully you make several mistakes. It’s the only way your going to find out whats working and what isn’t! If your not taking risks to further along your passions….than whats the point?

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