Upstate New York Boudoir + Wedding photographer who travels the USA

Hello! I'm Jasmine

I live in Upstate New York and enjoy traveling around the world to photograph people and document their milestones. 

Obsessed with love stories and the journey to self love. I have redefined my own love language by creating art thru emotional and expressive photographs and films. My journey began long ago when I made the commitment to explore the depths of my purpose. Finding my superpowers in my photography, I continue to learn, apply and repeat. 
Every image should tell a story or bring out an emotion that makes you feel connected. I want all of my clients to experience the power behind an image. My style is emotive, bold and authentically moody. Hand picked by me and edited with a modern/vintage romantic style. 

Jasmine is an amazing photographer and person. She knows how to make clients feel comfortable every step of the way! The results are professional and beautiful thanks to her artistic eye and talent. 10 out of 10 I would definitely recommend!

~ Serafina Breslawski

jasmine lynn


I enjoy connecting with my clients and pulling out their best selves.... 

You will feel organically connected to your images because of the candid approach we take to documenting your love on your day. 



Find your self. Create your own kind of beautiful

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