Forever is a long to time to be messing around….

Forever decided that Scott and Lisa were meant to be…..

If forever had a personality it would have dragged Scott and Lisa together and knocked their heads against one another years ago. But now that we can fast forward and stand in this room together as I prepare my camera to start story telling. Scott stands in the natural light of the hotel room at The Ramada, In Rockhill NY. Scott glances out the window for minute and takes a deep breath. Gathering his thoughts for the big moment. He realizes that he is one of the luckiest men alive who gets to marry his best friend. Let’s be real, how often can you say that you found your best friend, lover or life long partner in crime. “REAL IS RARE” and it’s hard to find he tells me as he slips on his cuff-ling.


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Lisa in the next room preparing to meet her destiny…..

With her closest friends and loved ones. She smiles and thinks to herself how lucky to be able to marry your best friend. The man who peeled her from the crevices of the floor when she was at her worst. Shielding her from self doubt and exposing her assets for what they are worth. She blossomed into an even better woman because he loved her.

The minutes leading up to their first moments together as husband and wife….

Only proved to be the most intimate. Sharing the first time with their closest friends. His heart skips a beat when he hears me say. “Ok guys, she’s here”… Scott stands up tall as I grab his shoulder and say “Now Scott… this is a big moment here. Take a deep breath and listen”….



“She looks beautiful”, they whisper…. His heart only skipped another beat

As he turns to meet Lisa’s gaze, he breaks down into tears.




And now that he has been branded as a married man. His groomsmen make one last attempt to keep him from the married life.




Forever brings them together….




You can’t help but to notice…….

When Lisa and Scott took a moment out to thank Randy and his team. The team at BHR in Rockhill, NY host a beautifully tailored event. Each and every time! The food is always something to write home to mama about and the friendly accommodating service from all his staff.


The room looked authentically country…






Cheers to an amazing night with amazing friends and family…





Listening to her dear sister give the heart felt speech of her endearing devotion to her little sister.


    Tell me who….

A different way to throw that bouquet is to make the ladies find the key to pull it!

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