David Bowie: unleashed and back from the underworld…..

Nov 13, 2017

If only for a night could you have David Bowie on your guest list at your wedding…

Obviously David Bowie didn’t show up because he couldn’t. But if he knew how awesome Edward and Alison’s love story rocked the dance floor that night. He would have wanted to show up, wrote a song about it and then made a video to suite.

 wedding photography botanical garden

Botanical Gardens

Edward and Alison couldn’t have done it better with their uncanny ability to bring the 80’s back to life. Me being the 80’s girl myself couldn’t have been more enamored by the atmosphere they created for their guests. Two people in love and reliving the romance the 80’s had it’s nostalgic time warp for the next decade.

At the Castle Hotel and Spa in New York an array of backdrops gave us plenty of opportunity to create beautiful imagery to match their creative elements. Edward stood in his hotel room nervous, excited and ready to tackle the new chapter ahead. While Alison was calm, cool and excited to design a new life with her groom-to-be.

broach, bouquet, wedding

A broached bouquet anyone….

photographer, castle spa

wedding castle and spa










Their personalities melded together perfectly in those moments…

and their love prevailed through the words of a song… As the world falls down! He adored her and she loves him.


 places kisses on her skin David Bowie, wedding photo

Castle and spa

hudson valley photographer

Castle and spa


Behind the scenes with our first look…

Edward and Alison were by far the most inventive couple I have met to date. Their love and patience for each other rings through in every moment they are synchronized. Planning the first look took a little bit of fore thought. We knew that the guests were anxiously awaiting the brides precession to the alter. Nevertheless, this moment had been anticipated for a while. The sacred moment between two people right before they say “I do”. One more gaze into each others eyes before the eternity of their love is forever bound. Standing in front of the other out of choice and and surrender. That moment will forever be branded into their hearts. The first look is a moment treasured and never forgotten.

wedding photographer, hudson valley

Castle and spa

Castle and spa

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