Broken Hearted Warriors who find safe passage….

Broken or not, you need to embrace the expression of self-love…

Self-love and emotional strength is imperative to your growth. I believe this and will stand by it passionately and gracefully. Have you ever committed emotional suicide? I did. What is emotional suicide you ask… my definition of this comes from the total immersion of your own emotions, mostly the bad ones. An emotional roller coaster that perpetuated a downward spiral of sadness and resentment. You become so hard and unforgiving of yourself that your spirit becomes painfully broken? What if I could tell you how to make all that go away? What if I could show you just how easy it was to turn all that hate language around?

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Broken Hearted Warrior

When I chose to love my self and value my own worth some of my most valued relationships ended…

Sometimes friendships or relationships need to end. You reach a point in your life when you realize that the relationships you value are actually the ones bringing you down. Last year was so complicated for me. The decisions I had to make throughout the process of my journey meant that I had to close the door on years worth of time, tears and challenges with people I respected and or valued as contributors to my self preservation. BIG MISTAKE…. never put that much emphasis on a relationship that you don’t already have with yourself. It will kill your soul and set limitations on your ambitions.

The most important thing you need to know is this….

Despite your emotional pitfalls, the choices you make or the risks you take, all lead to some where. Restore your faith in the belief that if you just let go long enough to ride out the storm you will find the oasis waiting for you on the other side. You have to believe that every thing happens for a reason and that the universe has a plan for you. One door closes so that ten more can open. For me the emotional suicide was letting go of something I loved dearly. In order to understand the deepest of your own sorrows.. You sometimes have to set free and let go to find your purpose. I had lost faith in my love, my self and everything around me. Feeling even more lost when the reciprocation of that emotional spiral was not supported or levied in anyway.

May your soul searching take you beyond your wildest dreams… what else have you got to loose?




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