Bon Bini to Aruba for a weekend getaway….

Invited to Aruba for a girls trip…. how exciting!

Part of getting lost on my spiritual journey meant that I intended to explore the world while I was soul searching. First stop, Aruba! A warm, windy and friendly island. Rather pricey on things but the people were happy to educate us on the 57% tax that is applied on all the imported goods. It was beautiful place and I would go back again to lay on their beautiful white sandy beaches. So it probed the question for me… what is paradise for me? Where is it, is it a place, a person, a feeling? Maybe Aruba isn’t paradise for everyone.

Aruba was a paradise but I don’t think it was mine. I found that my paradise requires a little more substance…

a paradise that brings me just a tad bit more sunshine and perhaps more eye candy… who knows! The beauty in all of this is that Aruba doesn’t have to be my paradise. It can be any place on earth of my choosing. My paradise is what I want to make of it.

3 THINGS you should focus on for your own interior investments…

  • Spend time traveling to different places in the world. Not always to the beach…. It’s good for the soul searching you need when making life changes.
  • Negative and positive energy plays a key role in your transformation. You need to quickly identify the negative forces to the positive ones.
  • Track your goals. Get a journal and write your goals, affirmations and inspirations. It will push you to the point of going beyond your comfort level.

Start making your dreams a reality. Find the happiness you are desperately searching for.




  1. Damon Iadarola

    June 20th, 2017 at 8:07 am

    I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very beneficial handy

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