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My name is Jasmine, story teller for lovers and a boudoir aficionado. 
 I specialize in Wedding & Boudoir photography for those who dare to dream out loud. 
 I am a dreamer, an avid shoe wearer, fitness junkie and a yogi in training. I am blessed to be able to give the gift of beauty back to others by showing them what I see through my lens. My passion for learning and becoming self-invested is now my most valuable asset. It gave me confidence, strength and the courage to do what I love.
 Following a dream and creating a life that I want to live. 

hi there, i'm so glad you CAME to read my story

I am speechless! These are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for the photo session!

wonderful, beautiful

I am so in love with all of them and don't know how I'll ever decide which images to hang on the wall! Thank you!

the photos are so lovely

I had the best time during my photo session with jasmine! I love how much my personality shows in my photos! I was so comfortable and excited. 

such a fun experience

About one of our sessions..

Being a story teller for lovers has given me the ability to creatively express the way your love is perceived by the rest of the world.
Love has no limits or boundaries. Giving stunning and romantic imagery for your keepsakes. Your wedding collection deserves to be tailored to your needs and a photographer who is passionate about getting to know yours.
 Collections for your story begins at $1800

You deserve to feel gorgeous, empowered and pampered. I have a gift for helping you to find your own kind of beautiful.

 A dream session starts with your ability to imagine. Giving you complimentary hair and makeup for your intimate sessions.

I invite you to come spend an afternoon in my natural light studio located in Liberty NY, Hudson Valley.
Boudoir and other creative sessions,
start at $89

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