Documenting your existence is literally my favorite part of being a photographer!


Boudoir, by definition is a french term meaning: a woman's private room. Boudoir evolved into an art form that originated in the mid-1920s and is characterized by the empowerment of its subjects through artistry of poses that showcase form and expression. Women, men, and couples have used boudoir photography to heal past trauma, build confidence, and create art from a body-positive mindset that extends beyond the typical experiences.

At our studio, we also specialize in capturing the essence of elegance, intimacy, and sensuality for women seeking confidence, healing, and empowerment. Even the bride-to-be can book a session as a gift or with her groom to begin creating unique encounters. Ishot Studios creates a comfortable environment where you can express your unique beauty and style with a collection of stunning images and film. From delicate lace details to soft natural lighting, we focus on every intricate element to craft timeless and tasteful photographs that celebrate your femininity. Whether you're seeking a gift for your partner or a personal keepsake for your bridal boudoir session provides a luxurious and empowering experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Step into our studio and let us capture your beauty in its most intimate and elegant form.

A beautiful experience women, men, and couples will discover their authentic beauty stepping into their renaissance, forever changing the love language. A spicy rendition of intimacy that will leave you in awe of the person reflecting back. 

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Boudoir + Wedding
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Are you getting married? Or your on a journey to self discovery and want a hybrid experience?

Photographing weddings and boudoirs for 10 years in the Hudson Valley, Catskill NY, and beyond has been an adventure. Jasmine Lynn and her team are some of the most sought after photographer film teams in New York. We are most grateful for the opportunities to work with so many amazing women and couples. From traveling to many destinations to capturing and creating memories for the lovers of the world. 
Which probably indicated by now that my specialty is a unique combination of boudoir and weddings. Bringing you a bridal boudoir as one of our luxury sessions.
A gift for both of you to share with the other.
What is "Boudoir," you ask?

It's a Feeling